Wildpark Kaiserslautern: Reflection After a Walk

Deer at Wildpark, Kaiserslautern.

I live in Germany, one of the countries with the highest number of coronavirus cases in the world. The government put strict social distancing rules into place. We are only supposed to go out to the doctor, work, buy groceries, or do exercise outdoors. Groups bigger than two people are not allowed. The only exception is a nuclear family. Maintaining distance from others when we are out is crucial. We can get fined up to 4,000 euros if we do not follow the rules.

Most people do not enjoy being in seclusion inside the house. The weather in Germany is finally beautiful and sunny, which makes the situation harder. Understandably, after many months of cloudy skies and cold weather, people want out. However, this is not the time to hang out, visit friends, and travel.

This is the time to follow the rules, take a moment to pause, and do things according to the situation. The German government still allows people to go out to do exercise and go for walks outdoors. I have always appreciated the outdoors and nature. The coronavirus putting the world on its knees has made me appreciate the outdoors and nature even more.

I love going for walks in the forest, and since that is one of the things we are still allowed to do, I went with my family to Wildpark Kaiserslautern. We walked around the park for an hour and saw deer, chickens, horses, cows, and bison. The sun was out, the birds were chirping, and we could hear the sounds of the forest clear. We encountered a few other families and individuals walking around the park and enjoying the weather. Everybody followed the social distancing rules. Everybody looked happy to be outside.

Bison at Wildpark, Kaiserslautern.

So, it seemed to me that I am not the only one appreciating the outdoors and nature more than before this pandemic. I think we might be collectively realizing that we have taken our planet for granted. We live in a constant rush that makes us forget about our relationship with ourselves, others, and the environment.

For some reason, I feel that our abuse of the environment and its creatures have brought this on us. Perhaps, this time in social seclusion will serve as a period for reflection. We might start thinking about what we consume, how we conduct ourselves, how we can improve our conditions of life, and what more we can do to protect the Earth.

I truly believe this is the time to remember that the sunlight is not just sunlight.

The forest at Wildpark, Kaiserslautern.

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